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Housing in Southbourne, found to be contrary to the LP and NP, is approved following the provision of expert evidence at Inquiry by HPP

6 November 2017 | Ridge News

On behalf of Beechcroft Land Limited, HPP have won planning permission on appeal for up 34 dwellings on a site which was unsupported by both Local Plan (LP) and Neighbourhood Plan (NP) policies.

The appeal related to an outline application for up to 34 dwellings at Breach Avenue, Southbourne. The application had been refused by Chichester District Council on the grounds that the proposal was contrary to the LP and NP with regards to the proposed location of the residential development and the proposal failed to make provision in respect of affordable housing and local infrastructure. The second reason for refusal was overcome by the submission of a Planning Obligation prior to the Inquiry.

The Inspector found that the proposal would be contrary to the development plan strategy of the location of residential development when considered as a whole. The Inspector agreed that the Council was unable to demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply of deliverable housing land. As such, the Inspector agreed with HPP case that relevant development plan policies should be considered out of date and that planning permission should be granted unless any adverse impacts of doing so would outweigh the benefits when assessed against the policies of the Framework as a whole.

With regard to the NP, HPP highlighted the fact that the Examiner of the NP was not offering support for the NP’s policies which required proposals outside of settlement boundaries to conform to development plan policy for the countryside as this matter should be dealt with by the District Council. The Inspector acknowledged this fact.

The Inspector agreed that the scale of the proposal would not be at odds with the level of residential development in Southbourne and reached the conclusions that the proposal would not be in conflict with the policies of the NP.

The appeal was therefore approved as the Inspector agreed with HPP that the Council did not have a 5 year housing land supply and the proposal did not conflict with the overall approach of the policies contained within the Development Plans, thus benefitting from the presumption in favour of sustainable development. Furthermore, the Inspector accepted HPPs evidence that the proposed provision of affordable housing and other

Director Guy Wakefield comments;

We were extremely pleased to support Beechcroft Land Limited, and were delighted when our detailed analysis and evidence, relevant to the weight to be given to planning policy and its interpretation was accepted by the Inspector which proved to be pivotal in the decision to allow permission on this site.

For a copy of the decision notice, please click here

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