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Planning permission granted for a mixed use scheme on an allocated employment site in Faringdon.

23 June 2016 | Planning Applications

On behalf of Radcot Estates, HPP is delighted to have secured planning permission for 1200 sq.m of office space and 9 residential units.

The application site lies within the defined development boundaries of Faringdon. It is currently vacant and has been allocated for employment purposes in the adopted Local Plan since 2006.

The application proposal was prepared in the context that there is no reasonable prospect of this site coming forward for sole employment use in the near future. Accordingly, the Council accepted that there was a need to consider alternative uses for the site including mixed use development. The approved scheme therefore presented the opportunity to pragmatically enable some employment provision on this site by securing a mixed use development where the residential element would cross-subsidise the provision of employment space.

The Council currently does not have an up-to-date Development Plan and is unable to demonstrate a 5 year supply of deliverable housing land. The current and persistent shortfall in the District Council’s five year land supply was an important consideration. HPP argued that the development proposals must be considered in the context of the Framework which is a positive and enabling document, seeking to facilitate sustainable development and growth.

It is clear that this approved scheme will also provide much needed housing in a District where there is an identified need.

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