Town and Country Planning

Planning permission secured for the redevelopment of a former car park, Malmesbury

16 January 2018 | Ridge News

HPP is delighted to have secured planning permission for 10 new homes on land known as The Former Spinney Car Park, Malmesbury. On behalf of WMinton Group Ltd, HPP succeeded in persuading the LPA that relative to the lawful use of the land, the proposals would result in an overall betterment to the highway network in safety terms. Furthermore, HPP was able to demonstrate that the proposed development was exempt from an affordable housing provision as it fell below the threshold for such a contribution.

The approved scheme succeeded in balancing the ecological interests of the site whilst making the best use of the land. In terms of design, whilst the approved scheme represents a departure from the historic make up of Malmesbury, it has succeeded in providing a development which is of a high quality. Contemporary in nature, the new development will be read as a distinct identify with a character of its own. The mature landscaping around the site is to be retained and will retain the rural fringe that characterises the immediate area.

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