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Planning team at Ridge obtains revised permission for redevelopment at RAF Newton for strategic mixed use scheme.

1 October 2018 | Ridge News

The planning team at Ridge obtained planning permission in 2014 for the redevelopment of the site to a mixed use including residential, commercial, educational and leisure. However, since the issuing of the decision, a number of issues had arisen which were acting as barriers to the early delivery of housing. These included costs associated with the requirements of the S106 attached to the original permission.

Detailed pre-application discussions were led by the planning team at Ridge, including negotiations in an attempt to overcome objections raised by interested parties. The proposal incorporated the replacement of the 50 live/work units with the same number of residential units, the removal of the ‘commercial only’ road and a reduction in the provision of affordable housing from 26% to 5%.

The proposed development was not fully compliant with the requirements of the Core Strategy, however Rushcliffe Borough Council accepted the planning team's arguments that the changes proposed were necessary and reasonable to ensure the viability of the scheme and to bring forward the commencement of development.

The amended scheme incorporates 500 new dwellings, 5.22 ha new employment land and 10000sqm A1, A3 and A4 use.

Image Credit: Corstorphine and Wright

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