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Buckover Garden Village April 2018 Update

HPP is delighted to confirm that Buckover was identified within the West of England Joint Spatial Plan Submission Draft November 2017(JSP) as a strategic development location for a new settlement of around 3,000 dwellings based on Garden Village principles.

To inform the Development Plan Process, a number of events and workshops have taken place which have incorporated the following objectives;

  1. Assisting the Council in preparing Local Plan ‘concept frameworks’
  2. Providing an opportunity for the Buckover Garden Village team to engage with individuals and groups to obtain feedback on the work undertaken to date and seek ideas and input to the content and structuring of a future masterplan which will assist to inform the Council’s emerging Local Plan policy development.

A summary of these events are provided below.

Design Action and South Gloucestershire Council event

In September and October 2017 a series of events were held by Design Action and South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) on the emerging JSP strategic development locations identified within South Gloucestershire. The SGC Buckover Garden Village Event was held in Falfield Village Hall on 6th October 2017 where the key issues raised were as follows;

  • Landscape and Green Infrastructure

General visual impact and ecological concerns, and in particular how to avoid coalescence of Buckover Garden Village with Thornbury.

  • Movement and Transportation

Both the strategy for public transport and mitigating congestion but also in terms of how to successfully integrate the A38 main road within the design of the new settlement.

  • Facilities and Services

Ensuring that the essential needs of future residents will be met with new provision, but also in providing complementary rather than competing offers that will safeguard and not undermine the vitality of Thornbury.

Stakeholder Workshop 1

This workshop, held in April 2018, was organised by Tortworth Estate and St. Modwen to provide an opportunity for more focussed discussion with stakeholders on key topics.

Local councillors and representatives of clubs, organisations and service providers in and around the Thornbury area were invited to attend the workshop. Officers from SGC were in attendance as both observers and participants in the workshop process.

The workshop focused on clubs, organisations and service providers in and around the Thornbury area. It was the first of a series of engagement events with stakeholders for Buckover Garden Village.

Invitations were sent to a range of people irrespective of their organisation’s views on the Garden Village proposals. The views of the attendees did not however prevent participation. Those invitations made clear that that participation would not prejudice any further representations that people or groups might wish to make.

The content and format of the workshop was influenced by the three themes which had emerged from the Design Action and SGC events.

The workshop was well attended and views were positive and creative. For more information regarding this workshop, including the topics discussed and the feedback obtained, please click on the link below.

Further targeted workshops are to be held with local residents and businesses and a public exhibition will also be held before the submission of any future planning application. Further updates will be provided regarding these events.

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