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Buckover Garden Village July 2018 update

Workshop 2 - Local residents July 2018

This workshop was held as part of the team’s commitment to undertake an extensive range of community engagement measures. Workshop 2 was organised specifically for those residents living within or close to the site allowing them opportunity to meet and raise questions directly with the Buckover Garden Village Team.

Prior to the workshop, invitees were asked to provide any key issues or questions they wanted to be addressed at the events. These questions informed the structure of the event and presentations. A total of 34 people attended the event over two sessions.

Both workshops lasted 3 hours rather than the scheduled 2 hours reflecting the lively discussions that took place. Whilst strong opinions were voiced, it was evident that there was some support for the emerging principles for Buckover Garden Village as well as opposition.

For more details on the key issues which were discussed and the responses provided, please click on the link below.

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