Town and Country Planning

Buckover Garden Village October 2016 Update

The Buckover Garden Village allocation, for up to 2,200 dwellings, has been obtained within the emerging West of England Joint Spatial Plan. The plan confirms;

An opportunity has recently emerged beyond the Green Belt in SGC for a potential new garden village settlement (up to 3000 dwellings) located to the east of Thornbury. This location provides the opportunity to deliver the first locally led garden village for West of England in 21st Century. It could help the case for a step change in public transport to the locality, linking to Metrobus routes to enable access to the major employment centres of North Bristol. Significant highway infrastructure, including the strategic road network (M5) may also be required. It also potentially broadens the housing supply models in the sub-region via a single ownership with genuinely visionary approach to place making and land value capture. Alongside planned expansion at Charfield it would also provide the opportunity for the local communities in the north of the district to meet housing pressures in a planned sustainable way. Buckover is also a potential growth point for any future Oldbury NNB.’

This indicates that the LPAs are accepting the principle of a garden village in the location proposed, confirming that the LPAs recognise the desire of the DCLG to explore the greater use of the Garden Settlement principles. The public are becoming more fully engaged in a plan led approach to a new community and there is now a very real unique opportunity to deliver this vision of sustainable planning.

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