Town and Country Planning

New Flagship BMW Dealership building given the go ahead in Cheltenham

Planning permission has been obtained for a Flagship BMW dealership showroom in Cheltenham on greenbelt land. Visitors to Cheltenham will soon be greeted by a £15million modern building next to the A40 from Gloucester. The proposed four-storey glass building will be one of the first things visitors travelling on the A40.

The permission will mean closure of the Cotswold BMW Mini site in Kingsditch Trading Estate in Tewkesbury Road however, the move will secure the existing jobs and create over 100 new jobs. Staff from the current showroom in Tewkesbury Road will move over to the new site, and an existing business has already expressed an interest in taking over the current premises.

One of the issues raised included the lack of parking spaces available for visitors and employees, however this issue is addressed within the S106.

Since the release of permission in March of this year, HPP have been working hard to discharge planning conditions and pass a few minor changes before commencement of development this autumn.

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