Town and Country Planning

Planning Permission for conversion of delapidated former agricultural building to dwelling

HPP assisted Blake architects in the submission of the application identifying a successful planning strategy which resulted in the permission. The Piggeries is detached from any form of settlement and is situated within the Cotswold AONB. The building had been partially demolished and was in a poor state of repair with only two elevations remaining. The main challenges therefore related to the fact that the site was situated in an isolated position in the open countryside in the AONB, the building represented only remnants of the former larger building and the proposed conversion incorporated a large extension.

The approved design adopts simple forms to retain the agricultural character; a low linear that sits comfortably within the AONB landscape. This contemporary design, which incorporated traditional agricultural forms, proved to be acceptable to the LPA. The landscaping scheme provided a native orchard planting scheme, ensuring that the resultant property would be well screened from the road whilst being responsive to the site’s context.

HPP successfully argued that the proposal offered the opportunity to improve the landscape, offer biodiversity improvements through the creation of native habitats and would constitute a sustainable form of development that would preserve and enhance the character of the AONB.

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