Town and Country Planning

RAF Newton. Planning permission granted for 500 dwellings

S106 for RAF Newton was finally signed last week enabling the permission for: 500 dwellings, 50 live work units, 4.45ha of new commercial land, village centre and open space. The site incorporates 72ha of a former RAF Base in the Nottingham-Derby Green Belt with a developable area of approximately 39ha, 7 miles to the east of Nottingham. At the commencement of pre-application discussion with the LPA the site was not identified within the emerging Rushcliffe Borough Core Strategy and considered only acceptable for limited redevelopment of existing buildings. However, following detailed pre-application discussion, extensive community engagement and successful promotion of the site it was identified within Pre-submission Core Strategy for mixed use development and gained officer support for a comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the site. The planning certificate was released on 4th February 2014.

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