Town and Country Planning

Support for development at Sharpness

The planning team at Ridge are delighted to confirm that Sharpness has been included as a growth point to provide a new Eco-Village for Stroud District within the Stroud District Council Local Plan Review Preferred Strategy.

The team at Ridge has been leading the preparation and promotion of a new eco village at Sharpness with GreenSquare and Lioncourt Strategic.

Sharpness has a unique character and is rich in history and is an area relatively unconstrained in planning terms, as such offering many opportunities for growth and regeneration. It is a sustainable location for growth in which the demand for housing and employment within the plan period and beyond can be addressed. It is envisaged that Sharpness Eco-Village will assimilate development into the landscape, being a place people choose to both live and work.

The new eco village will provide a comprehensive development that will include the following;

  • A 10 ha business park
  • Up to 5000 dwellings to meet the District’s needs up to 2036 and beyond
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Community services
  • Green infrastructure which includes 13.5 ha of new wood planting
  • Potential for a new rail link to Cam
  • Improvements to junction 14 of the M5 motorway

Stroud District Council are looking for options to take out to public consultations and the Eco-Village at Sharpness has emerged as one of the preferred growth points. The first phase of the development will provide for 2,400 dwellings up to the year 2040, with a residual amount coming forward after this period.

Ridge will now be focussing on the next stages of this potential development which includes researching the technical aspects for the delivery of the project and moving the Eco-Village forward.

Please click on the link below to access the Sharpness Eco Village Vision Document..