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Urban extension at Brockworth

HPP are responsible for obtaining planning permission for a major scheme in the Green Belt which will provide for new homes, new school and employment opportunities. HPP submitted the planning application in 2012 following extensive negotiations with the LPA and other interested parties. In 2015, HPP represented the client (ERLP2 and The Society of Merchant Venturers) at Public Inquiry where the Inspector gave a positive recommendation.

The proposal was for a major mixed use development on agricultural land at the edge of Brockworth in Gloucestershire, comprising 1,500 dwellings (of which 600 would be affordable), 175 care homes, community facilities, retail uses, B1 and B8 employment land, health facilities and public open space.

The application was however called in by the Secretary of State (SOS) as he wanted to examine "its conformity with policies contained in the National Planning Policy Framework on delivering a wide choice of high quality housing and on protecting green belt land".

The SOS agreed with HPPs argument and his Inspector's decision that the main issues resolved around the planning balance of the socio-economic benefits of the scheme versus the harm to the green belt, landscape character and heritage assets. The SOS agreed that exceptional circumstances existed for the release of the allocation from the green belt; it was supported by the local authorities preparing the emerging joint core strategy and was not premature. The proposal would cause harm to the green belt by reason of inappropriateness and loss of openness but the new housing in an area of high and persistent unmet need and the creation of 300 construction jobs and 540 other jobs, £4.6 million in household income, £190,000 in council tax and £1.3 million in New Homes Bonus were material reasons to allow the conflict with the development plan on green belt policy and other grounds.

Please click on the link below for a copy of the Secretary of State’s decision notice:

Update 10th January 2017: Brockworth Urban Extension (Perrybrook) has been ranked number 1 in the ten most studied appeal and call in decisions 2016 (source Planning Resource December 2016). This could be due to the fact that the project was the first major green belt housing approval in five years.

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