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HPP are the leading planning consultants advising on live/work development in the UK. Teamed with the Live/work network, HPP provided advice to Central Government on this topic and specific reference is made to this use within the recently published NPPF.

Live/work development consists of the provision of segregated living and working accommodation in a single self-contained unit. The units are purpose-built to accommodate live and work space making them significantly different from the traditional concept of living and working. The live/work unit concept is backed by the advances in technology and telecommunications as well as the Government initiatives to encourage mixed-use development, tackle traffic congestion and reduce the need to travel.

Recently, social shifts in attitude to traditional working patterns and demand for more flexible lifestyles have spread across the UK. Indeed it is evident that live/work is a growing trend; between the two census years of 2001 and 2011, the number of self-employed homeworkers in the UK rose by over 24% to over 2.3 million.

HPP has achieved planning permission for the largest rural based live/work, mixed-use development in the UK. The scheme provides 74 live/work units along with a mix of market residential, key worker dwellings, B1 office accommodation and a restaurant. The scheme is situated on Swindon Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire and was undertaken on behalf of the Minton Group. More recent live work cases which we have been involved in include St Agnes - Cornwall, North End Barn, North End - Essex and Craven Street - Charing Cross London.

HPP also works in tandem with the Live/Work Network in the UK providing planning guidance on the delivery of new Live/Work sites throughout the UK.

Contact: Paul Fong and Jenny Henderson

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