Town and Country Planning

Sports Planning and Recreation

Sport and recreation play a vital role in our lives and central and local government have recognised the fundamental importance in providing well designed and accessible sports facilities.

HPP has a dedicated team with a depth of knowledge and experience in sports planning matters. This team has the ability to assess the sporting needs and recognise the potential of each individual club whilst understanding the development constraints associated with the site.

In finding solutions and formulating proposals for the existing sports clubs, HPP has negotiated a large number of proposed sporting related developments through the planning process. Working with Sport England, HPP has been involved in a number of both large and small recreational and sports proposals. The small schemes have included relocating clubs to new, bigger premises, securing planning permission for extended leisure complexes, sports centres and golf courses. The larger schemes have included the creation of new Regional Sports hubs for existing and established Sports Clubs.

Existing Clients include Plymouth Argyle Football Club, Stroud Rugby Club and Walmley Cricket Club.

Contact: Paul Fong

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